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Euro-Rijn Deutschland GmbH


Euro-Rijn Deutschland GmbH has been part of the Euro-Rijn group since 1990. The office in Duisburg has expanded to become a company with a global network of trustworthy, reliable partners and alliances. At Duisburg, we can access all the facilities of Europe’s largest inland port.

Euro-Rijn Deutschland GmbH’s team stands ready and willing at any time of night or day to work for you and will organise your shipments to and from Germany with the greatest care. In other words, it’s an honour for us to work for you.


Euro-Rijn Deutschland GmbH offers a wide range of logistical solutions for companies active in the following fields:

  • minerals
  • chemicals
  • steel and construction
  • agrarian products
  • renewable energy 
  • wholesale, and
  • transportation and logistical services.

We are the specialist you need for global multimodal forwarding solutions. In order to ensure that we can make good on our promises, we have invested in smart IT systems for day-to-day operations and for providing our clients with the information they need.


Euro-Rijn Deutschland GmbH is the right partner for the importing and exporting of goods in the form of containers. We not only handle FCLs (full container loads) but also LCLs (less-than-container loads).

We offer services that utilise the various modes of transport, including inland navigation, road haulage and rail transport. Our Duisburg site by the River Rhine provides quick and easy access to all Europe’s inland waterways. What’s more, Duisburg is also an inland rail hub for shipments by train to all Europe’s regions.



Do your goods need to be stored, processed, packed or repacked? No problem! Our site in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, can crush, sieve and pack your products for you.

We are also the right partner for all the administrative settlement work for your logistical operations, including customs formalities, fiscal representation and insurance cover.


For more than 30 years now, Euro-Rijn Deutschland GmbH has been the logistical partner of Eurosalt, the Netherlands’ largest supplier of salt. This successful partnership has been achieved thanks to our development of an extremely efficient supply chain.

We offer the following logistical services for salt:

  • Transportation of bulk cargoes by ship or lorry using silo trucks, tippers or trailers with walking floors.
  • The packing of salt in all kinds of packaging, from big bags to packs of size 10 kg or less.
  • Supplying different types of salt, including for industrial applications, food preparation or in the form of gritting salt.
  • Storage at a central location, along with distribution to the end-users.

Euro-Rijn Deutschland GmbH has been awarded all the certification it needs to demonstrate that it can properly organise salt-related logistical services.