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Euro-Rijn International B.V.


From its Moerdijk site, Euro-Rijn International B.V. provides a complete logistical service and warehouse activities for ferro alloys and non-ferrous metals, base metals, ores, concentrates and steel products. A small selection of the products handled and stored in our warehouse are:

Ferro Alloys:
Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Silicon Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Titanium, Ferro Tungsten, Ferro Nickel, Ferro Niobium, etc

Non Ferro Metals:
Silicon Metal, Magnesium, Chromium Metal, Molybdenum Oxide, Roasted Molybdenum

Base Metals:
Aluminium, Nickel, Copper, Lead, Zinc, etc

Copper Concentrates, Zinc Concentrates, Lead Concentrates 

We have been serving clients in all corners of the globe for more than thirty years now, and the service we provide has always focussed first and foremost on our clients.

We are always working on smarter, better, faster and more efficient processes that are designed to fulfil clients’ needs even better. It is an honour for us to work for you.


Euro-Rijn International B.V. has a global network of long-term contacts and contracts in the field of seagoing and inland waterway navigation, road haulage and rail transportation. We will handle your shipment door to door, anywhere in the world. Our experience and our network ensure that you will receive great service at a competitive price.

We offer many different modes and forms of transport, including bulk goods transportation, transhipment and ferrous transportation.


Euro-Rijn International B.V.’s Moerdijk site is home to multiple terminals. One terminal has been set up to handle ferro alloys and non-ferrous metals, to which end it has a direct link to the water, its own 600-metre long quay, two mobile cranes, two independently operating weighbridges and a covered storage facility with 50,000 square metres of floor area. At this terminal, we can store and tranship both bulk goods and general cargo.

Euro-Rijn International also provides metal storage services. Our warehouses can accommodate many different metals. Below is a small selection of our services:
Ferro Alloys warehousing
Non ferrous warehousing
Base metal warehousing
Metal concentrates warehousing


In addition to our storage and transhipment facilities, Euro-Rijn International B.V. has plants for the crushing, screening (sieving) and packing of a range of products. Our ISO 9001:2000 certification means you can be sure that we will process your goods in accordance with your quality standards.


We not only handle your goods flows but also the accompanying information flows. As a service provider active in the international trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we also take care of all administrative work and settlements. Terms such as releasing, pledging, VAT Entrepot, customs bonded warehouses, inward clearance and fiscal representation are ones we are very familiar with.

VAT bonded warehouse
Euro-Rijn's warehouses are recognised as being VAT bonded warehouses. This means that all transactions carried out within a VAT bonded warehouse are exempt from VAT (Dutch VAT). This option is only possible in The Netherlands.

Read more about our VAT bonded warehouse options.

Customs bonded warehouse
In addition to VAT bonded warehouses, Euro-Rijn also has a customs bonded warehouse. This means that you can store products that originate from outside the European Union without having to get inward clearance for them straight away.

Read more about our customs bonded warehouse options.

All administrative processes are fully supported by our advanced warehouse management system. This ensures that we have complete control over your goods at all times, and that you can keep tabs on all the relevant processes via the Internet. In other words: we are in control, which means you are too.