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Euro-Rijn International has its own customs bonded warehouse, in which clients can store products from outside the European Union without having to get inward clearance for them straight away.

Advantage and convenience of a customs bonded warehouse
When products arrive at the Euro-Rijn customs bonded warehouse, they do not have to be declared to the customs authorities until they have been given a destination within the EU. This offers our clients greater reassurance and convenience when importing products.

Warehouse management system
To ensure the smooth running of this process, Euro-Rijn International has a comprehensive warehouse management system. This system records which parts of the inventory have received inward clearance and which have not. We can also take care of the entire inward clearance process on your behalf.

If you have any questions about our customs bonded warehouse, please contact us.


Euro-Rijn makes quality an integral part of its services. Its ISO 9001:2000 certification means you can be sure that we can deliver on our promises to you. Our membership of FENEX, the organisation of Dutch carriers, is further proof of our reliability and trustworthiness. What’s more, we have also signed a voluntary agreement with the Belastingdienst (the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration) relating to horizontal supervision. This means that we work with the Belastingdienst on the basis of mutual trust and discuss any issues with them beforehand. The covenant shows that we have complete control over all tax-related processes that we carry out on your behalf.

Euro-Rijn is also accredited as a specialist in metals and ores by the Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA) for the storage of such metals as cobalt, gallium, germanium and titanium. Furthermore, International Commodities Logistics (ICL), which is part of the Euro-Rijn group, is accredited by the London Metal Exchange (LME) for the storage of copper, nickel, aluminium, tin, lead and zinc. Euro-Rijn is also a member of the International Magnesium Association (IMA).



Euro-Rijn is a family business that was founded in Rotterdam in 1979 by Mr. A.J.C.F. van Ommen. He has been interested in and passionate about logistical services ever since he travelled as a child with his parents on their riverboat. Over the years, Euro-Rijn has developed into a company with a number of specialist divisions that employ over 250 employees.

In its early years, Euro-Rijn specialised in the transportation of ‘bulk dry’ goods such as coal, ores, iron, alloys, grain, fodder, roadbuilding materials and salt. Its approach proved successful and its client base grew rapidly. Euro-Rijn kept on expanding the range of services it offered, in order to provide the best solutions for all its clients’ needs. Euro-Rijn has been housed at its current site in Moerdijk since 1997.


Euro-Rijn has several terminals at Moerdijk. A terminal with a direct waterway link was set up especially for the transportation of ferrous and nonferrous metals, which terminal also boasts a 600-metre long quay, two mobile cranes, two weighbridges that operate independently from each other, and a covered storage facility with about 50,000 square metres of floor area. This terminal has been designed for the storage and transhipment of bulk goods and general cargo. This is also where metals and ores are processed, these processes including crushing, sieving and packing into big bags, small bags, drums and cans.