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Scheepvaartonderneming Euro-Rijn B.V.


For more than thirty years now, Euro-Rijn Scheepvaart B.V. has specialised in inland waterway navigation throughout Europe. From our base in Moerdijk, our carriers manage dozens of inland waterway shipments every day, but don’t forget that your container shipment is in good hands with them too. The fact that we transport millions of tonnes of cargo a year means that we can also offer you competitive rates.

Our employees are experienced, enthusiastic and committed to delivering your goods to the right destination at the right time. In other words, it is an honour for us to serve you.


Euro-Rijn Scheepvaart B.V. has had a separate department for general haulage activities since 1997. This often relates to exports from the Netherlands that take the form of ‘full container loads’ that are dispatched to the farthest corners of the globe, but note that we are also specialists in the storage and transhipment of concentrates.


Euro-Rijn Scheepvaart actually started in the business of the freight forwarding of bulk dry goods such as coal, ore, grain, fodder, iron, construction materials and salt. These days we organise bulk shipments, project cargoes and break bulk cargoes (general cargoes) for all types of clients. From our base in Moerdijk, we cover the rivers Meuse (Maas), Rhine, Main, Moselle, Neckar and Danube, as well as the entire West German canal network region. Our carriers know the European waterways like the back of their hand!


In addition to inland navigation, Euro-Rijn Scheepvaart is also completely at home in seagoing navigation. We transport large volumes by sea, primarily bulk goods and general cargoes. Our network includes agents located in such places as the Baltic States, southern Africa, the Black Sea region, the Far East and the Mediterranean region. If you have a small shipment for dispatch then we can combine the shipments from a number of providers, allowing you to benefit from our competitive rates.