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Our range of services 



Euro-Rijn is an all-round provider of services who cares about great service and quality. We will be happy to handle all your storage, transhipment and distribution needs so that you won’t need to worry, and we will offer you competitive, tailor-made solutions that are right for you. In fact, it’s an honour to serve you.



The quality of the service provided depends on the quality of the people providing these services. Ever since our organisation was founded in 1979, our key focus has been on people. All our employees are completely dedicated to their work and have but a single goal, namely to complete your assignments meticulously and in line with your needs and wishes.

Our employees stand ready and waiting to work for you and your products at any time of day or night. The knowledge and experience that they have built up over the past decades means that Euro-Rijn has the skills to set up an extremely efficient operation for you. Every day, our committed employees show that they have the decisiveness and flexibility they need to make them (and us) the right partner for your logistical needs.



We have to be independent and neutral so that we can offer you the quality you are looking for. Euro-Rijn has a large number of clients who operate all over the world in the field of the production of and trading in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are proud of the fact that Euro-Rijn is one of the few independent providers of logistical services in this industry.

Euro-Rijn is a family business that has sufficient equity capital to guarantee our independence in the long term. We are increasingly seeing that this independence is a major reason for producers, traders and buyers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to bring us in.


Euro-Rijn is always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions that will enable it to operate more quickly, better, smarter, more efficiently and more sustainably. Examples are our advanced warehouse management system that you can access online to get details of your inventories, and the fact that our new warehouse complies with the latest and strictest health and safety standards. Another example is the dust extraction system we have installed that provides ideal working conditions during the crushing, sieving or packing processes, so that our employees can fully concentrate on your products.

What’s more, we are currently working on implementing a fully automated system that would allow carriers to load or unload at our site in less than an hour. Carriers will then be able to log in beforehand via the Internet so that the driver can identify himself when he arrives without even having to get out of his vehicle. Lorries are weighed both beforehand and afterwards, with the result being automatically processed in our warehouse management system. Loading and unloading has never been so efficient!


Outsourcing your warehousing activities does not mean that you lose control of your inventories. On the contrary: we process all activities and changes in inventory in our system immediately, which means we have complete control over the entire logistical process at all times. We provide you with access to our system too via a secure Internet connection, so that at any time and from anywhere in the world you can see details of your inventory levels in real-time.