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Information flows may not always take the same route as goods flows but Euro-Rijn is happy to handle both these flows for you anyway. Our carriers not only ensure that your products arrive at the right location and the right time; they also handle all the administrative settlement work, including customs declarations, VAT (Intrastat) declarations, transfers of ownership and any financing constructions.


Our advanced warehouse management system gives us complete physical and administrative control of your inventory. All the information only needs to be entered once, so we reduce not only the amount of administrative work but also the likelihood of input errors. All activities and movements are processed immediately, which means we can provide you with reliable, up-to-the-minute inventory information at any time.


If the ownership of products changes while they are stored in our warehouses then Euro-Rijn will confirm the transfer of ownership to both the previous and the new owner. Our warehouse management system facilitates this administrative work (which is commonly called 'releasing’), this system containing all the relevant details of our producers, traders and clients. Even though the products have not been physically touched, our system knows precisely who owns every part of every inventory.


All financial service providers in the market for ferrous and non-ferrous metals are happy to use Euro-Rijn as a trusted partner for inventory financing purposes. This means that you can store goods in our warehouse for your account and risk while the ownership rights to the goods are held by a financial service provider. All transactions are recorded in precise detail in our warehouse management system, with built-in safeguards that ensure that we cannot ship financed inventories that have not been released by the financial service provider yet (known as ‘pledging’).


Euro-Rijn’s warehouses are recognised as being VAT bonded warehouses. This means that all transactions carried out at the VAT Entrepot are exempt from Dutch VAT, this option existing in the Netherlands and Belgium. This means that if the ownership of products changes without the products leaving our warehouses then no VAT needs to be paid on this transaction. This facility, which is fully supported by our warehouse management system, makes financial transactions a good deal simpler for both you and your clients. And that’s not all: when the products do leave the bonded warehouse after the final transaction and you have to pay and/or list the VAT, we can assist you with your VAT listing (Intrastat) by acting as your (limited) fiscal representative. Read on about our VAT bonded warehouse.


In addition to a VAT Entrepot, Euro-Rijn also has a customs bonded warehouse license. This means that you can store products that originate from outside the European Union without having to get inward clearance for them straight away. As a result, you only have to declare them to Customs when your products have arrived at their destination within the European Union. Our warehouse management system records precisely which parts of the inventory have received inward clearance and which have not. Of course, we can handle the whole process of inward clearance for you too. Read on about our custom bonded warehouse.