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General Forwarding

For more than 30 years now, Euro-Rijn has been providing dozens of companies with all their logistics needs, including storage and distribution services. We make sure that your products arrive at the right time at the right location, wherever in the world that is. We are happy to serve you by road, by sea, by air and by rail. 

Our decades of experience in this field and our extensive network means we can always give you the right advice about what is the best combination of modes of transport and processes for you. This means that with Euro-Rijn, you can always be sure of getting a competitive solution, irrespective of which goods you need shipped.


For many years Euro-Rijn has a longterm co-operation with Combined Cargo Terminals (CCT). CCT has its own stevedoring terminal in Moerdijk that has a floor area of no less than 12 hectares. The CCTs are designed for the transhipment of various types of goods, including containers. The terminal is well-connected to the various modes of transport, including deep sea, short sea/coastal, inland waterway, road and rail.

CCT works closely with ECT, Rotterdam’s container terminal. This partnership includes a daily shuttle service between Rotterdam and Moerdijk, which relieves the pressure on Rotterdam’s busy road network. We also maintain a daily shuttle service between Moerdijk and Antwerp.


Any containers or other shipments sent by road are in good hands with Euro-Rijn too. Every day we organise dozens of shipments by road to all possible destinations both within Europe and beyond its borders. We are also your perfect partner if you need bulk goods transported by tipper or pallet in curtain side trailers.


Euro-Rijn can also organise all your shipments by water, whether your freight has to be taken by sea to other continents or by inland waterway to the European hinterland. Our historic roots lie in the provision of freight forwarding services that deploy inland waterway vessels that navigate down all European waterways, but we have now become specialists in container and general/break bulk cargoes too that are carried on coasters and deep sea vessels. What’s more, our extensive network means we can always offer you a competitive solution.


Our facilities in Moerdijk are directly linked to the railway network. In fact, we utilise this option a great deal, by organising combined rail and road shipments to a number of southern European destinations. This combination of modes of transport is especially useful for serving northern Italian destinations quickly, efficiently and competitively. We can also organise combined road and rail shipments to southern Europe for you from our Duisburg site.


The Euro-Rijn group works closely with a number of agents at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This means we can also offer you competitive rates for all your airfreight shipments.