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Transportation by rail

Euro-Rijn’s sites in Moerdijk and Duisburg have direct links to the European railway network system. Moerdijk is well-connected by rail to Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria, with our Duisburg site additionally organising rail transportation to destinations throughout Europe for our German clients. 

If the recipient cannot be reached by rail then Euro-Rijn will solve this problem by coming up with a combined rail and road transportation solution. We also handle the transhipment from the railway freight cars to our lorries that then carry the goods the last few kilometres to the recipient.


Euro-Rijn has also developed a unique concept for transporting goods to Italian steelworks: we load up the trailers in the Netherlands, the trailers then being hoisted onto freight cars. The train then brings the freight cars with the trailers to Italy, where the trailers are unloaded from the freight cars and taken by road to the steelworks in question. NEW! We can now offer this fast and efficient form of multimodal transportation for destinations in southern France and Spain too!


Our Duisburg site gives us at Euro-Rijn a unique link to an extensive international railway network. Most of Europe can be reached quickly and easily via this network. We can handle the transportation of your goods by road to Duisburg, after which they continue their journey by rail until they reach their destination.