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Road transportation

Every single day, Euro-Rijn arranges dozens of shipments to all possible destinations within Europe and further afield. We have access to an extensive pool of road haulers who have a wide range of specialisations between them, allowing us to offer you an appropriate and competitive solution for any road shipment you like, whether it be bulk cargo or packed goods.

We can also take care of the distribution of your goods that are stored in our warehouses but of course we can also do this for goods stored in your own warehouse or elsewhere. We are also happy to advise you on smart multimodal solutions: just one example of this is combined road and rail shipments to southern European destinations such as Italy, under which cargoes of up to 30 tonnes per lorry can be transported to their ultimate destination quickly and efficiently.


Euro-Rijn decided to base its operations at Moerdijk for strategic reasons, as this site lies just 35 km (22 miles) south of Rotterdam on the important route to Antwerp. Our location close to the Dutch motorways A16 and A15 gives us direct road links to the hinterland regions of Belgium, France and Germany.


Euro-Rijn grew the business by organising the transportation of bulk dry goods such as coal, ore, grain, fodder, iron, construction materials and salt. Even after 35 years we are still known for our transportation of bulk goods, something that has given us a growing client base and an expanding range of logistical services.



Apart from bulk cargoes, Euro-Rijn also excels in the transportation of packaged general cargo. We primarily work with carriers who have their own equipment. This means you can be sure of receiving competitive rates for pallet shipments to any destination either within Europe or further afield.