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You can already see from our company name ‘Euro-Rijn’ (= ‘Euro-Rhine’) that our original business involved transporting goods by water. We not only know the best route to take in the Rhine catchment area but are also completely at home on all Europe’s other inland waterways and coastal waters.

Euro-Rijn’s site in Moerdijk is at an extremely favourable location, as it is a seaport that can be reached from the Hook of Holland by water in just four hours. Seagoing vessels with a draught of up to nine metres can travel straight through to Moerdijk via the Nieuwe Waterweg, Oude Maas, Dordtsche Kil and Hollands Diep waterways without being delayed by any locks or bridges. Inland navigation vessels can access Europe’s inland waterways directly from our site by travelling via the Hollands Diep waterway and the Meuse (Maas), Waal and Rhine rivers. In other words, from our Moerdijk site we can reach every European seaport and inland port quickly and efficiently.


Ever since its foundation in 1979, Euro-Rijn has been handling goods transportation via Europe’s inland waterways for a large number of companies. If the recipient has no quay or transhipment options of his own then we will handle the transhipment process in a nearby port and then transport the goods the rest of the way by road.


Euro-Rijn maintains close contacts with shipping companies and brokers all over the world. As a result, we can organise the freight forwarding of your bulk cargo or general cargo by seagoing vessel to any seaport in the world.


Euro-Rijn undertakes freight forwarding work for both large seagoing vessels and smaller coasters. We can offer you a suitable and competitive solution, irrespective of the tonnage that you wish us to ship for you. We are the right partner for you for freight from Scandinavia to Moerdijk and from Moerdijk to the United States, as well as for cross trades from South Africa to China, for example.