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In many cases, storage and transhipment of the ferro alloys and non ferrous is not enough on its own and the goods themselves need to be processed too. Euro-Rijn has a range of plants at its Moerdijk site for the crushing, screening (sieving) and packing of goods into big bags, small bags (paper bags or plastic bags), drums and cans.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification means you can be sure that you will get the quality you want at all times.


In particular, Euro-Rijn specialises in ‘value add’ activities for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our crushing plants crush your shipments in fractions of 500 millimetres to size 1.6 millimitres. Our screening (sieving) plants screen (sieve) the material in fractions ranging from 300 millimetres down to 0.5 millimetres in size.

Several areas and several set ups allow us to proces different products at the same time and still ensuring a high standard. Whether we proces your Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silicon, Silicon Metal, Ferro Titanium, or nobles such as Ferro Molybdenum or Ferro Vanadium. We ensure professional crushing and/or screening (sieving) of your ferro alloys performed by skilled and experienced operators.

All our plants are linked with each other by conveyor belt. This means that at no time do your valuable products come into contact with the floor, this reducing contaminations with other products to a minimum.


We can also take care of the packing or repacking of products for you. We can pack your shipments in units that range from 5 to 2000 kilogrammes and can deliver in big bags, small bags (paper or plastic), drums or cans. We always have sufficient standard packing materials on hand for us to meet your needs quickly.

Do you want special packaging? If so, that’s no problem either - we will discuss your wishes with you, and if desired will initiate a development project to develop this new packaging.


Euro-Rijn has weighbridges for lorries, shovels that contain weighing equipment in their loading shovels, and weighing scales for packaged goods. In other words, we can weigh all shipments accurately, including for goods that are to be packed in big bags, small bags, drums or cans. It goes without saying that all our weighing equipment has been calibrated and certified.

Naturally, we can also mark, label and palletise all packaged goods, and can also stabilise them with shrink-wrapping. We will compile the packing lists for you and will also handle all the additional administrative work.