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Product flows

Transportation, storage, transhipment, distribution: Euro-Rijn offers you a complete package of services. Our extensive network means we can serve you all over the world, whether we are talking bulk goods, general cargo or containers. The centre of our network is Moerdijk, a location chosen for strategic reasons, where we have a number of terminals for the storage and transhipment of a range of goods and cargoes.


Euro-Rijn is the right partner for all your container shipment needs to and from the Netherlands. The fact that we have our own terminal in Moerdijk means we can guarantee you rapid and efficient transhipment. Over the years, we have also become experts in the shipping of containers with a wide range of cargoes from rubber to leather and from refrigerated products to special project cargoes.


Euro-Rijn provides a complete logistical service for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and ores. We organise their transportation all over the world by sea and waterway and by land via road or rail.

At Moerdijk we have a large-scale terminal for the storage and transhipment of metals and ores. The 600-metre long quay on-site is home to two mobile cranes that have a capacity of no less than 4,000 to 6,000 metric tonnes per shift. Our warehouses have a floor area of 50,000 square metres and offer direct access to the major motorways that open up Germany, Belgium and the rest of Europe’s hinterland.


Euro-Rijn is a specialist in ores and concentrates. From our strategic location in Moerdijk we provide not only storage and transhipment services but also any crushing, sieving and packing of your goods that you need. What’s more, we also handle their worldwide distribution, whether your goods need to navigate Europe’s inland waterways or transportation by container to a Far East destination.


For over thirty years now, Euro-Rijn has been the logistical partner for Eurosalt, which is the biggest supplier of gritting salt in the Netherlands. This long-term partnership is based on having well-matched partners, this creating an extremely efficient supply chain. It is not just Dutch clients who benefit from this, as we also supply Eurosalt’s German clients from our office in Duisburg.