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General Cargo

Euro-Rijn transports several millions tonnes of freight every year. One of our specialities is shipping goods via the inland waterways to and from the Rhine, Main and Danube regions, but we are also completely at home shipping goods along France’s inland waterways.


For more than thirty years now, Euro-Rijn has been Eurosalt’s chosen provider of logistical services, the latter being the Netherlands’ leading trader of gritting salt. However, Eurosalt not only supplies gritting salt but also salt for consumption and industrial applications.

Euro-Rijn handles the distribution of road-gritting salt from a range of storage locations located throughout the Netherlands. What’s more, we also handle the distribution of these products within Germany and the neighbouring regions in Europe from our Duisburg site.


Euro-Rijn’s basic work has always been the forwarding of freight via inland waterways of bulk dry goods such as coal, ores, grain, fodder, construction materials and salt. Over the years, the organisation has developed beyond these basic activities to become the dynamic all-round provider of logistical services that it is today.

The storage and transhipment of your bulk goods is another area where Euro-Rijn excels. We have our own warehouses that offer good access to road and water links. Here, all shipments are stored separately from each other, so the possibility of contamination is excluded.